Facilities around the building supply

The supply of buildings and industrial facilities can be a very complex undertaking, depending on the design and structure of the facility. It involves more than just supplying rooms with air and running water - professional supply technology ensures that areas are correctly heated, hygiene-sensitive areas such as laboratories are well ventilated, and heat-sensitive infrastructures such as server or cooling rooms are not damaged thanks to reliable cooling.

With our experienced team we support our customers in all aspects of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, heating and sanitary systems as well as in the installation of ventilation systems according to DIN standards and more - always on time, always professional, always individual. Rely on supply technology from an experienced engineering office and equip buildings as well as plants according to current standards.

Supply engineering from a single source

We support customers in these areas:

  • Sanitary and fire extinguishing systems
  • Heating / Hot water / Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • MSR / Building Automation
  • Laboratory and clean room technology

Helge Jacobsen

Technical Manager

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