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The engineering office Zammit will be pleased to advise you on the extensive service focus "energy management/technology". The main task of our specialist engineers is to advise you in detail on technologies used for the efficient, economical, ecological and safe generation, distribution and use of energy and to plan the technologies for you. The focus is on achieving a high yield of useful energy.

Due to the paramount importance of energy for man and his environment, there is a need to use conventional energy generation technologies in an optimal and decentralized manner on the one hand and to promote the use of renewable energy sources on the other. It is of great importance to combine and harmonize both requirements. This requires the implementation of storage and smart meter technology.

The challenge of energy technology - These are the tasks we tackle with customers

  • Efficiency
    Which form of energy generation is efficient and how? Is there a risk of efficiency losses due to outdated structures? Is it worth investing in older structures or is it more profitable to convert the energy supply? We help to clarify these points.
  • Economic efficiency
    The best idea is useless if no one can afford it - based on your business plan and your possibilities, we check how an energy technology solution can look like that offers you long-term planning security at constantly well calculable costs.
  • Distribution
    Energy must get from A to B - especially with a decentralized supply structure, the question of distribution must be clarified. Together with you, we plan the necessary (network) structures and capacities for the fluctuation-proof supply of objects and plants.
  • Sustainability
    Renewable energies are steadily gaining in relevance - in this sub-sector of energy technology, too, attention must be paid to a good and future-proof mix of energies that is available at good conditions, climate-friendly and reliable as required.

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