Solaranlage in der Sonne

Sustainable and self-sufficient buildings

A Green Building is a building that has been developed under the guiding principle of sustainability. This concept is to be followed throughout the life cycle, starting with design, construction, as well as operation and maintenance, and ultimately disassembly.

Here, particular attention is paid to resource efficiency in the areas of energy, water and materials. In addition, harmful effects on health and the environment are to be reduced, and attention is to be paid to the living and working quality of the occupants or employees in the building. Another focus should be on good integration into the environment and protection of neighbors - both in the construction of the building and in its operation. Low-energy houses, solar houses, passive or zero-energy houses fall under the concept of green building.

Environmental Technology

Environmental protection and sustainability are a matter of concern to us, which we take into account in the planning of technical systems and also in our everyday office life.

From solar energy (also on our administration building) to bee protection, we are active.
Energy consulting is also becoming increasingly important these days. Due to the high importance of environmental protection, we often deal with the ecological aspects of building supply.

The main focus here is on the efficient and environmentally friendly supply of energy, e.g. through the use of solar energy or heat recovery.

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