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Supply Technology

Versorgungstechnik KonstruktionAll technical measures which allow the supply of buildings and industrial units, are called supply technology. This does not only include ventilation and water, also heating, air-conditioning and cooling supply are part of supply technology. Nowadays, energy consulting becomes more and more important. Since environmental protection becomes more and more import, we are also dealing with the ecological aspects of building supply. Mainly it is all about the efficient and environmentally – friendly supply of energy, e.g. by implementing solar energy or heat recovery.

We would appreciate to support you regarding:

  • Plumbing and Fire alarm systems
  • Heating / Hot water / Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • I & C / Building automation
  • Labs- and clean room technology

Our Range of Services

Ingenieurbüro Zammit with its established and experienced team offers co-ordinated planning and design concepts for all technical disciplines and supervision of the work according to schedule.


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