Member of the association "GeoEnergy Celle e.V."

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On April 27th this year experts met in Celle to discuss the topic "deep geothermal energy". Experts from the fields of geology, drilling technology, plant engineering, as well as the management of the regional energy supplier and the municipal economic development took part. Furthermore, the project developers of a deep geothermal project in Brixen (South Tyrol - Italy) were invited as speakers. The deep geothermal project, which is currently being implemented by the project developer "GeoCalor-D" for the energy supplier in Brixen, was presented. (see attached publication). The plant in Bressanone will supply 15 MW thermal and 3.5 MW electrical energy from a depth of 8,000m via an ORC plant. Downstream, the production of hydrogen for the nearby Brenner motorway filling station is planned.

Deep geothermal energy offers the possibility of regenerative and CO2-free energy supply via a permanent energy source. The greatest technical challenge is the drilling technology at depths greater than 5,000m and the associated project risk if the well fails.

The opportunity of this technology lies in the high performance, which in comparison to near-surface (up to 100m) or medium-depth (up to approx. 4,000m) geothermal energy ensures high economic efficiency and is interesting for commercial and industrial properties with high power requirements.

Also presented were project financing and project insurance, especially with regard to the coverage of the liability risk for the drilling.

The exchange of experiences was organized by the engineering office Zammit with the objective of coordinating the various experts who contribute to the success of a deep geothermal project for the development of comparable projects in our region and for our customers.

Together with the regional energy supplier (SVO Celle-Uelzen) the concrete preparations for 2 deep geothermal projects are now planned.

Member of the association "GeoEnergy Celle e.V.".

Participant of the event was also the board of the association "GeoEnergy Cell e.V.". Following the exchange of experiences, our engineering office was offered membership in the association. The purpose of the association is to promote technologies, standards and infrastructures for the efficient development and use of geothermal energy as a source of energy, as well as the development of new applications and markets, especially in the field of renewable energy sources. The focus is on the further technological development as well as the safe and economic use of geothermal energy.

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