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Energy Industry / Engineering

Ingenieurbüro Zammit provides consulting services with regard to its key discipline "Energy Industry / Engineering". It is the main task of our professional engineers to provide detailed consulting on technologies applied for the efficient, economic, ecological and safe generation, distribution, and use of energies and to produce adequate design concepts. Our efforts are targeted at the achievement of maximum net energy yields.

Energiewirtschaft Energietechnik

Due to the overwhelming importance of energy for man and environment it is necessary, on the one hand, to apply conventional power generation technologies optimally through distributed systems and, on the other hand, to promote the exploitation of renewable energy sources. Linking and co-ordinating both requirements is of utmost importance. For this purpose it is required to implement the storage and smart metering technology.

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Our Range of Services

Ingenieurbüro Zammit with its established and experienced team offers co-ordinated planning and design concepts for all technical disciplines and supervision of the work according to schedule.


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